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Sizing & Tutu Care

Bodysuit sizing

Approximate size guidelines:
6 - 9 months: up to 9kgs, 72cm height

9 - 12 months: up to 10kgs, 76cm height

12 - 18 months: up to 12kgs, 83cm height

The bodysuits are a generous fit and these size guidelines are approximate, as baby body shapes vary greatly. As a very basic guide, size 6-9 months is equivalent to size 0, 9-12 months is between a size 0 and size 1 and 12-18months a generous size 1.

If you need further assistance with measurements and sizing please contact me prior to purchasing.  

Tutu Care

To keep your tutu looking it's best, here are a few guidelines.

When your tutu first arrives, give it a good shake to fluff it up and use your fingers to comb the tulle to release any tangles and straighten. If you feel it needs it, you can hang it in the bathroom while having a hot shower and the steam should help with any remaining wrinkles. It can be hung on a skirt / pants hanger.

Spot cleaning is recommended (baby wipes are perfect for small areas) but if your tutu needs a proper wash I have had success with the following method, but please be very gentle. Fill a tub with warm water and washing liquid and gently hand wash. Lay the tutu flat on a towel until it is almost dry (not dripping anymore) and then give it a good shake to fluff it up and then hand on a skirt hanger to finish drying. Please never put your tutu in the washing machine or dryer, this will destroy it.